Welcome all!

This being our very first post I just wanted to first say thank you for visiting our site.  I know personal finance can be a very tricky (and scary) topic for people of all ages.  If you are a millennial the words “personal finance” probably did not enter your vocabulary until your first rent check was due in one week and you had zero groceries in the fridge.  My goal is to help you not have that happen again.  Our site is written by a millennial who has 15 years experience in the stock market as well as other financial knowledge (insurance, real estate) that can be used by anyone regardless of age.  Some articles may pertain to the Baby Boomers that follow us, and some may be more suitable for millennials.  I will try to spread evenly the contributions for both.  You will hear us mention one key phrase all the time and it is the ultimate gauge of your financial health.  Net Worth.  All your assets minus your debts.  Pretty simple, but can get complicated when taking multiple accounts and people into equation.  This number is used by many as a tool to see when they can “comfortably” retire.  However, the rules have changed in the last ten years for what it means to retire. People are living longer, having fewer children, remaining in the workforce, transitioning careers later in life, etc.  Our goal here is to make your net worth grow through all channels and help guide you to an early retirement!




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